Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Walk and Chat Health Care Awareness Stress effects in the Healthcare sector

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Walk and Chat Health Care Awareness  Stress effects  in the Healthcare sector


Today Wednesday 16th of November, we launched the first final of our four modules for
walk and chat heath care awareness.
Today my colleague and I bravely took to the streets of Norwich again, temperature of 10 degrees it was yet another cold one for us, however this time we had no station set up  and so no big posters to comfort us.
We walked through the bustling streets of Norwich city center, attempting to speak to the public about Stress the effects on the body,  mind and long term health risks. Unfortunately today was a fairly busy day for the locals with christmas right around the corner, there were thousands of people throughout the city which was exciting as our usual location tends to be fairly moderate.
Though we were in the midst of  thousands of locals today not very many was happy to stop and chat as christmas shopping seemingly stressed them out.  
Due to people being busy, not very many could make it to the meeting,  however I was very amazed by some of the feedback collected from the discussion today and so all round it was definitely a success.
We discussed the main factors of life which causes stress and we narrowed it down to a few main ones being  Education, Finances, Relationships, Family and Work. One of my Feedback questions read “ If there was anything the Government could do to help reduce stress levels for the average person,  what do you think it should be?” One delegate suggested  to appoint a specialist medical professional eg Accountant guidance,  to every business and organisation to be educated advisors to employees, or members on how to Cope  with specific stresses, delegate  believed that if us human beings had the security of knowing there is someone qualified  and experienced than we are is always there to help us to cope with stress it would change our way of thinking and we would be less stressed about issues in life because we would know that we have someone educated to help us. It was also pointed out that having this within businesses would help to break barriers between employer and employee as there would always be a third body there to assist with mediation and helping to understand each other. I do believe that this was suggestion of Gold and that it would help reduce general stress levels for the average person, essentially reducing risk of alzheimer's in the growing population and in that reducing the strain on the health care sector to provide mental health professionals. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported this even over the past four weeks it really has been a success and i look forward to having this event for the next six months, I appreciate all your help and support and of course all the many locals in the community of Norwich who has taken the time to speak to me and share feedback. It has been an amazing experience and i look forward to continue with you guys.
My name is Sherese Fletcher Recruitment Consultant for Victoria Care Services. My aims are to generate interest in the local community to become  healthcare professionals gain feedback from the public and I essentially provide Financial security through  Employment.Business Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday:
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