Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Walk and Chat- Global Warming and its effects on the healthcare sector! 1

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Walk and Chat- Global Warming and its effects on the healthcare sector!



Today Wednesday the 10th of November Rainy windy weather temperatures reaching 4 degrees, I could not resist I had to wear welly boots to sustain the rain. My college and I bravely took to the streets of Norwich again to carry on the project Walk and chat Healthcare awareness.
In the meeting today we provided free brunch, buffet included Sandwiches Salad Fruits Juice and  Hot Chocolates with cinnamon waffles on top, oh yes, you should come along on wednesdays to have awareness discussions over brunch with my self  colleagues and other members of our local community .
We covered several of the major aspects surrounding global warming today for example mass production and mass wase and elaborated on the fact that as human beings we concentrate on our own well being here and now and most of the population do not think of the effects on the planet,  which is very sad because the planet sustains our lives and produces all the necessities for our specie to live  healthy and comfortable long lives, in the meeting it was brought up that fruits and vegetables are seasonal and as human beings we should accept and respect  that and eat things seasonally as they were meant to be. This would essentially cause a massive reduction in production rates and in that avoid unnecessary carbon emissions . One delegates from the meeting she rightly highlighted the fact that she was unaware of the many  issues surrounding global warming and wishes that the government would take these issues more seriously and do more to reduce global warming and also should raise more awareness, She suggested that if we were to all do something in our daily lives to reduce global warming then it would benefit the planet and because of the knowledge she gained at the meeting is now seriously considering becoming vegetarian. Other delegates pointed out the man made fish causing distinctions of other sea live creatures, the fish is called LionFish and lives up to its name it eats at a ridiculous rate and reproduces delegate  was definitely uneducated on the topic but was very intrigued and did seek more information about global warming  and due to the meeting coming to an end we referred him to read  BBCs Issue of Planet Earth II. One delegate pointed out a very intriguing fact that in the uk there are double the amount of cars than humans and in china three times more.
Another delegate suggested a game asking members of the meeting what animals and plants they favour and if that animal or plant was about to be extinct how far they would go to protect the lifeline of the specie. Animals that were favoured were Monkeys, Goats, Lions, Pandas, Pink Dolphins and Dogs, Plants that were favoured were Victoria amazonica , Aloe Vera plant, Willow tree,  Each delegate spoke so very passionately about how far they would go to protect their favorite animals and plants  and stressed that the leaders of the world need to make it a priority to breed and preserve life lines.We also discussed what businesses could contribute to global warming , We can Recycle in the office advice employees to walk cycle or bus, avoid wastage, Use no paper if possible and Train the staff member to be efficiently eco friendly.  Collectively everyone in the meeting contributes to help global warming on a daily basis some conscious and some subconsciously, one member recycles, one does not litter, one is already a vegetarian and walks and wishes to live in a cave as it was meant to be, another wishes to live on the beach with only natural resourses, another choses eco friendly Hotels when going on holiday, other members were silent at this question and we left in the hopes that they will create an answer by making small life changes to benefit the planet.
I kindly ask that you keep up with my reports, feel free to leave comments with ideas, any questions and constructive criticism.

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