Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Registration Social Care Agency

Most of Agency Carers have the commitment and they are hard workers .
But some of the people are not so willing to support and to they make things to go bad for all the
parties .
Would not be great to have a database regarding Registration of Carers and Nurses or any agency staff to be Regulated by an professional body ?

Traveling Challenge

As an agency provider I am facing a problem regarding traveling issue with my employees.
Many locations are hard to be reach and some of the customers are not happy to help with traveling expenses .
I know in other countries they support they workers and have projects and schemes to help employees wellbeing and safety to go to work .
This can be allowance to public transport or other methods .

Job opportunity available - Call centre required , Driver required

Job opportunity available - Call center required evenings and weekends .

Job opportunity available - Driver required .

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Agency Staff

Victoria Care Services offer agency staff  Nurses and Carers

  • No contract
  • No VAT
  • No traveling charge

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