Thursday, 27 October 2016

Walk and Chat-Population effects Healthcare sector.

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Walk and Chat-Population effects Healthcare sector.

                                               Community feedback 

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The event Walk and Chat commenced on the 26th of October 2016. My colleague and I bravely took to the shivering streets of Norwich, with temperature lows of 8 degrees, we glamorously dressed in full carers kit in a hope to be more personable. The aim of Walk and Chat is to do market research about issues faced in the healthcare sector, to help us make improvements. We also used the opportunity to generate interest in the local community to become healthcare professionals as we are already currently seeking a high demand for healthcare professionals, as Recruitment Consultant of course I recruited interested candidates as well.
As today was the launch of the event I was very unsure of what to expect, but I aimed to have a meeting with the local public where I offered them hot and cold drinks and light refreshments and presented information to them today's issue addressed was the population projection and its effects on the healthcare sector, then collectively discuss the topic and kindly ask members of the public to fill in my questionnaire. However though I did speak to lots of people on the streets,   they were all sadly  busy and was unable to come to my meeting, small hick-up along the way i held and inbound meeting with my team at Victoria Care Services with my colleagues where we all ate the light refreshments.
On the bright side of things majority of the public was happy to stop and chat briefly, even had members of the public approach me with warm regards, I found that the more mature members of our generation were pleased to see The event Walk and Chat taking place on the streets, and they thought it was refreshing to see us generating jobs in the local community, as unemployment is currently a massive issue faced throughout the UK. We also had a high number of young people who was curious about the different roles in health care sector, I had a 16 year old girl currently studying Health and Social Care at college, she pleaded that I offer her employment with Victoria Care Services as health care is where her heart is, and she would love to gain some experience. Personally that was the highlight of my day I do believe that sometimes there is a shadow over the youth of today and it was so refreshing to meet a youth of our community  so full of heart and determination to become a health care professional. Though the meeting was unsuccessful i do believe i gathered helpful feedback, definitely generated some interest within the local community and most importantly I shared information with locals raising awareness of the issues faced in the Healthcare Sector.I kindly ask that you keep up with my reports, feel free to leave comments with ideas, any questions and constructive criticism.

My name is Sherese Fletcher Recruitment Consultant,
Victoria Care Services.